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"Partway into the massive fiber-processing effort involved in The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook, I discovered Power Scour. It saved my sanity! What a delight!"

- Deb Robson, Author

"Since I found Power Scour I’ve never used anything else. It saves me time, money, and water. Unicorn Fibre Rinse makes fleeces a pleasure to spin."

- Beth Smith, Author

"I have tried most of the wool scouring products plus Dawn and Orvus and found that my favorite is Unicorn Power Scour. One of the main reasons I love it is because there is no need to boil water to get the temperature high enough to melt the lanolin. There is some kind of magic ingredient that makes that not necessary and since I wash wool in my laundry room on the second floor, heating water would make me crazy."

- Beth Smith / PLY Magazine


"Ok, I'm sold! I washed two cashmere sweaters this weekend and they are absolutely irresistible. It's fabulous, we definitely need to get this into the hands of people who will go "Wild" over the softness. thank you again for the complimentary bottles- I guess there's more handwashing in my future!"

- Linda Cortright / Editor and Publisher /

Wool Wash Test by Marie Spaulding

We now use UNICORN Beyond Clean to wash all of our locks. We love that the product is eco-friendly and bio-degradable; the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) will show you there are no Hazardous Decomposition Products, you can ask for the MSDS from any supplier. Beyond Clean is also unscented, and low-sudsing which is good for sewer systems, and of course the bottle is #2 PET recyclable. Beyond Clean also scours at lower temps — and while this is considered an environmentally friendly trait because less energy is required, it also means you can use hot water from your tap and let it soak a bit longer as the temperature drops.

We also love the great customer service at UNICORN. By now of course you might think they sponsor us, but the only thing we have received free is the same sample you can get just by making a request on their website. We have paid for every bottle, and are happy to. PLUS, we are thinking to offer it to our customers … and of course, what we sell in our shop are only products we use and will stand behind 100%.

This test is certainly not exhaustive, but from my experience I love Unicorn Beyond Clean and it continues to perform time and again.

I hope you will visit the good folks at Unicorn, and tell them Marie sent you :O)

Cleaning Cloth Diapers

Best Wash for Wool Diaper Covers. 

"The scour was great for removing lanolin and deep cleaning wool diaper covers for storage and the fibre wash is the best I have ever used for routine diaper cover cleaning. absolutely love it." - Jenna

"I received one of each of your products as a gift when my youngest was born last year. The Power Scour enabled me to use a dozen stained woolies I'd written off as useless. Now all 4 of mine have enjoyed the same woolies. That's special to me! " - Abby

"I started testing Unicorn Beyond Clean a few months ago for washing cloth diapers with a reluctant feeling - Firstly I do not believe in "diaper safe detergent" and have had no luck with them in the past so have been using Tide. We were starting to experience ammonia in some of our diapers right before I started testing this. My goal...was to search out products that would contribute to cloth diapering being and staying simple.

  • No one wants to strip and deal with stink.
  • No one wants to use bleach and hot water constantly that can damage the fabrics.

Even when my dirty diapers sit over night in the pail and I put them in the wash the following day they do not smell like ammonia-this detergent has kept my new diapers looking new and protects the fibres. If you have something that works great-don't mess with it because I'm not saying you NEED this product but if you have issues and you want to make you wash routine easier this might be the right product for you. Making cloth diapering easy and enjoyable will help people stick with it and that's what I care about the most." - Heather

"I love this product use it on everything including my wool when it needs a good cleaning and fiber wash isn't good enough... it totally keeps my diapers like new and smell free  I love it so much I would not go back to anything else. I was getting stinks with tide and gain also and started washing in super hot to make it better and then came this wonderful detergent switched to warm and no stinks at all just perfectly clean diapers that stay looking nice and almost new" - Caelin

"The Beyond Clean detergent is what we have been using for both my diapers to sell and for our potty training endeavors. It would also be suitable for stripping wool items, or cleaning particularly soiled clothing and baby items. It is fragrance free, biodegradable and has no residue buildup." - The Cloth Diaper Report

Click to download the UNICORN PRODUCT CHALLENGE (PDF) by Melissa Mailly

Great for Wool Diaper Covers.

"Love, love, LOVE Unicorn Fibre Wash for wool diaper covers. Seriously the best wash i have used!" - J.A.

"I am a number cruncher. I have always used tide, I have never purchased "baby safe" detergent and I was really reluctant to add in another product. However, I love this stuff! I used to have to strip (1 packet of RLR for every 10 diapers, every 3 weeks). At that time I had roughly 100 diapers in active rotation, so by simple math, I was spending $29/month in RLR, plus the actually cost of tide, which was 2 scoops per load (one in the rinse and one in the wash) which is about $.80 in detergent. The Beyond Clean and hard water, we are good with using 1 oz per wash with Hard Water and an HE machine, so we get 20 loads out of a bottle, which breaks down to about $.94 a load. So while it may cost me $.14 more a load, I don't have to spend a weekend stripping diapers." - Kaci

"I'm so happy it's gotten rid of the musty smell in about 4 diapers that I couldn't get anything else to work on!" - Jaci

"Beyond Clean has saved my sanity for diapers and all other laundry. Over weeks of using it, I've seen our clothes and diapers slowly get softer and cleaner, as I believe it has truly cleaned them of all build up and stink. I have absolutely NO question ever now with stink or cleanliness of any laundry, including diapers. It's completely green and non toxic which is a necessity to me." - A.D.

"My friend gave me some samples of the unicorn wash for my child's wool diaper covers/pants. I've been using another brand of wool wash for about 2 years. That said, I WILL NEVER USE ANOTHER WOOL WASH EVER AGAIN!!! The filth that had built up in my woolies was disgusting and Unicorn washed all that dingy, nastiness right away. The colors were brighter, the fiber was softer, they smelled so much better. I even took a picture of my wash water to show my friend because I was in such disbelief. Thank you for such an awesome product!!!" - Heather

Washing Raw Wool

"Unicorn Power Scour is a fantastic product! As a busy spinner who shares an apartment, I don't have the luxury of time to commandeer the kitchen or bath to clean fleece. This product makes short work of even very greasy fleeces! A little goes a very long way, you get value for money. And the best part is the quality of your fleece––mill standard clean, and buoyant. Unicorn Power Scour has sent me on a fleece cleaning spree!" - S. Briscoe

"...The fleece had a lot of grease, grass and small sticks in it I used Power Scour to wash it, which is great stuff. The fleece came out very fluffy and clean. It should go through the picker and come out looking great. In the past I have used Tide, Dawn, and Orvus, but none of them performed as fast and as well as the Power Scour! The fleece I used it on was the greasiest I have ever had, and the Power Scour effectively removed all the grease without damaging the fleece." - Tess

Unicorn Power Scour is the only wool wash that gives me perfect results every time on every type of fleece.  It gets the fleece clean without stripping the wool and making it dry/brittle. - Herman Hills Farm

"I love this product. We have very limited hot water, so I have to wash fleece in more like lukewarm water. Power Scour does the job! Clean fleece, with just a it's economical on multiple levels. I have tried other products, however I am staying with Power Scour!" - Kris

"It only took 3 times to wash the fleece instead of the 7 it took before! The fleece came out clean, soft and lovely with no odor left." - Anne

"This is Magic. A while back, I acquired some handspun mohair from Afghanistan. Unfortunately, it was filthy and smelly, but for some reason I kept it. I tried washing it with other fiber washes, but with little success. I got a free sample of Power Scour and tried it - could NOT believe how Amazingly it worked! Within just a few moment, dirt almost poured out of the yarn. I could not believe it. I followed with Fibre Wash - again more dirt came out - and then the Fibre Rinse just let the yarn bloom. It is such a beautiful, natural color now ...and so soft, I can't believe it." - Ada

"I got some "bargain" fleece from a friend. She said it was "dirty". That was the understatement of the year. She told me it was nice fleece once it was clean. I got the package and opened it up and I thought how the heck am I going to get it cleaned up. Did I just waste my money? I struggled and used my usual routine of soaking and rinsing it several times. It is a very fine micron Merino and the dirt and VM was embedded in the fiber. 

I got the Power Scour on recommendation of the moderator on a fiber group I belong to. Wow! What a difference it made. I added a pump of the Power Scour to a small batch to test it out along with my regular cleanser. The difference was AMAZING. So, much filth came out in the wash, rinse and fiber prep that this fleece is now usable and CLEAN! It IS a high quality fleece, but the farmer she got it from must have kept the sheep in a dirt pen full of beggar tick weeds. Because that is what the fleece is full of. It is now no longer fodder for the compost heap it is a beautiful fleece and very spinnable. Power Scour saved the fleece and a friendship. I plan on buying a gallon of it on my next order." - Rebecca