Cleaning Cloth Diapers

Best Wash for Wool Diaper Covers. 

"The scour was great for removing lanolin and deep cleaning wool diaper covers for storage and the fibre wash is the best I have ever used for routine diaper cover cleaning. absolutely love it." - Jenna

"I received one of each of your products as a gift when my youngest was born last year. The Power Scour enabled me to use a dozen stained woolies I'd written off as useless. Now all 4 of mine have enjoyed the same woolies. That's special to me! " - Abby

"I started testing Unicorn Beyond Clean a few months ago for washing cloth diapers with a reluctant feeling - Firstly I do not believe in "diaper safe detergent" and have had no luck with them in the past so have been using Tide. We were starting to experience ammonia in some of our diapers right before I started testing this. My goal...was to search out products that would contribute to cloth diapering being and staying simple.

  • No one wants to strip and deal with stink.
  • No one wants to use bleach and hot water constantly that can damage the fabrics.

Even when my dirty diapers sit over night in the pail and I put them in the wash the following day they do not smell like ammonia-this detergent has kept my new diapers looking new and protects the fibres. If you have something that works great-don't mess with it because I'm not saying you NEED this product but if you have issues and you want to make you wash routine easier this might be the right product for you. Making cloth diapering easy and enjoyable will help people stick with it and that's what I care about the most." - Heather

"I love this product use it on everything including my wool when it needs a good cleaning and fiber wash isn't good enough... it totally keeps my diapers like new and smell free  I love it so much I would not go back to anything else. I was getting stinks with tide and gain also and started washing in super hot to make it better and then came this wonderful detergent switched to warm and no stinks at all just perfectly clean diapers that stay looking nice and almost new" - Caelin

"The Beyond Clean detergent is what we have been using for both my diapers to sell and for our potty training endeavors. It would also be suitable for stripping wool items, or cleaning particularly soiled clothing and baby items. It is fragrance free, biodegradable and has no residue buildup." - The Cloth Diaper Report

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Great for Wool Diaper Covers.

"Love, love, LOVE Unicorn Fibre Wash for wool diaper covers. Seriously the best wash i have used!" - J.A.

"I am a number cruncher. I have always used tide, I have never purchased "baby safe" detergent and I was really reluctant to add in another product. However, I love this stuff! I used to have to strip (1 packet of RLR for every 10 diapers, every 3 weeks). At that time I had roughly 100 diapers in active rotation, so by simple math, I was spending $29/month in RLR, plus the actually cost of tide, which was 2 scoops per load (one in the rinse and one in the wash) which is about $.80 in detergent. The Beyond Clean and hard water, we are good with using 1 oz per wash with Hard Water and an HE machine, so we get 20 loads out of a bottle, which breaks down to about $.94 a load. So while it may cost me $.14 more a load, I don't have to spend a weekend stripping diapers." - Kaci

"I'm so happy it's gotten rid of the musty smell in about 4 diapers that I couldn't get anything else to work on!" - Jaci

"Beyond Clean has saved my sanity for diapers and all other laundry. Over weeks of using it, I've seen our clothes and diapers slowly get softer and cleaner, as I believe it has truly cleaned them of all build up and stink. I have absolutely NO question ever now with stink or cleanliness of any laundry, including diapers. It's completely green and non toxic which is a necessity to me." - A.D.

"My friend gave me some samples of the unicorn wash for my child's wool diaper covers/pants. I've been using another brand of wool wash for about 2 years. That said, I WILL NEVER USE ANOTHER WOOL WASH EVER AGAIN!!! The filth that had built up in my woolies was disgusting and Unicorn washed all that dingy, nastiness right away. The colors were brighter, the fiber was softer, they smelled so much better. I even took a picture of my wash water to show my friend because I was in such disbelief. Thank you for such an awesome product!!!" - Heather