Removing Stains

"...I spilled a full glass of burgundy RED WINE on the hand-made Madeira lace table runner that has added a touch of elegance to many years of holiday celebrations at our home. We thought it was ruined. Hey, wait a minute! Grab the POWER SCOUR! I filled a bowl with hot tap water and added a few "squirts" of Power Scour. (Why I didn't think to video this is beyond me). Within a few minutes you could see dramatic lifting of the red wine stain. Within an hour the stain was about 3/4 gone. Next morning, the lace cloth looked totally clean, without even a trace of staining! Power Scour had dissipated the stain at the molecular level and -- even the water was clear! I had to tell you. " - Mary

"I dye a lot of cotton, usually off cones from the mill. It's always waxed, and the wax is very hard to remove. A very small amount of Power Scour takes the wax right off. I can go ahead and dye them after an hour instead of several days. The yarn is whiter - making the colors brighter and clearer." - Esther

"This is an awesome product! I took some old yellowed lace and soaked it in Power Scour overnight. I rinsed it out the next morning and it looked new! I’m so happy. I love Power Scour." - Jessie

"Beyond Clean is definitely my favorite of this line. I’m starting to think of it as kind of a miracle wash and immense time saver. Normally when I spill something tough on my knits or clothes I wash at them vigorously with dishsoap and hope for the best...I used Beyond Clean each time it got messy and it came out looking fabulous with only a couple of squeezes while it was’s WELL WORTH IT when it comes to removing stains." - Cassy