Unicorn vs a Blue Dish Soap

"Picked up my first fleece at Maryland Sheep and Wool. I've washed other wool previously using Dawn; however, with Power Scour my fiber feels better, fluffier, and smells wonderful. The dirt just dissolves leaving the fiber looking and feeling great. I would never hesitate to recommend this product!!!" - Judy

"I tried Power Scour, blue Dawn, and Kookaburra on two Romney cross fleeces I purchased at the 2014 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Of the three, Power Scour had the best combination of cleaning power and gentleness (not drying out the fleece locks). A plus is the lovely, delicate scent." - Anonymous

"Cleans as promised at low temperatures the most dirtiest fleeces I have!!! LOVE IT, no more Dawn for me!!!" - Anonymous

"This product is fantastic. I bought Power Scour in desperation after washing a fleece FOUR TIMES with dish soap, shampoo, and other detergents with little impact on the greasiness. Finally I gave up and spun it in the grease thinking I'd wash the yarn and it would go much better. Big surprise, the yarn was no easier to clean. Two tablespoons of Power Scour in my top-loading washer was enough to clean a sweater's worth of greasy yarn into something lovely, soft, and ready to knit. The fiber isn't dried out or brittle and it smells wonderful. Power Scour wasn't harsh on my hands at all. You've earned yourself a convert for life! The samples of fibre wash and fibre rinse were fantastic too." - Diane

"I've used every product on the market, from blue and yellow Dawn (not a fan) to other fleece scours and wool rinses and washes. For prepping a raw fleece for processing and spinning/dyeing, NOTHING beats Power Scour. You use a small fraction of the product compared to others so it is a real value, but most of all Power Scour doesn't strip the wool of its softness. Never harsh, the results are a clean-smelling and easy-to-handle, clean fibers which don't need any extra "spinning oil", conditioners or other lubricants to soften the fibers or make them workable. Well done!" - Kelley

"Better Than Dawn. I bought a lot of raw mohair and raw alpaca hair to use for my dolls. I had a lot of felting happen when I used dawn. This caused no matting or felting. I fill the sink with hot water, add the unicorn power scour when filled, lightly stir the water and unicorn power scour with a large paint brush (make sure no bubbles happen), then add the mesh filled bags full of hair...I love this stuff a little go along way, smells good, works great!" - Amanda