Reviews from Farms

"I have bought Power Scour several times, and it does a fabulous job of cleaning our fleeces. It leaves the fiber wonderfully soft and clean, and with a great scent too. Love it!" - Roving Acres Farm

"...don’t let down all of those sheep, bison, alpacas, goats, rabbits, and silk worms who’ve worked so hard all year to grow the best fiber they can for you, protect their fiber from harsh chemicals that can damage their hard work and leave you disappointed. The Fiber Wash products absolutely remove the dirt without hurting the fiber! DIRT IS GONE - ONLY FIBER REMAINS!!!!!  Soft, luxurious fiber! And, oh, if you don’t make any products, and have natural fiber sweaters in your possession, trust me, these products are just as great and gentle on already made products too! Don’t take my word for it…be skeptical…try it yourself!" - Connie Alexander, Crossroads Alpaca Farm