Rinse and Soft Results

"Beyond Soft, I just tried it. WOW. It made a scratchy scarf made from Patons Classic Wool, soft. What's awesome about it, is I only used a couple of drops, in the wash. This bottle will last for-ever. No more scratchy wools, this product is a life-changer." - Sayra

"Love it,as for the rinse, left fiber clean and soft." - Lora

"Love this rinse product. Yesterday, I decided to soak an Irish wool sweater to see if I could repair some of the "fulling" that happened the last time I washed it. In other words, it shrank a lot. After washing in the Unicorn Fibre Wash and soaking in the Fibre Rinse for about an hour, I blocked the sweater and it is now adult sized. I can still feel a slight fulling but I do have a wearable sweater again." - Anonymous

"Scarves That Don't Itch. Thank you so much for the fast shipment!! The product was on my porch yesterday morning. My friend raises Cotswold sheep and I make extensive use of that wool which can be a little strong. Your Fibre Rinse makes Cotswold so soft I can make scarves that don't itch. I have several previously spun skeins soaking as we speak. I'm so excited." - Susie