Sensitive Skin Reviews

"What a great product! I originally got Beyond Clean because my family and I all have very sensitive skin. A friend recommended it to me because it would deep clean tough stains without added fragrance. Right off the bat, I had a cotton garment with a dried-on spaghetti stain. I soaked it in Beyond Clean for about 15 minutes and then tossed it in the washer with 1 ounce of Beyond Clean. It came out completely clean without a trace of stain...and no irritating perfumes. Wow! I love this stuff!" -L Miller

"I’m very impressed with the new Unicorn Beyond products and I will vouch for them. My family has extremely sensitive skin. Eczema as well as allergies to soaps, petroleum, oils, fragrances, all the butters and lotions and creams and chemicals make it very difficult to find things we can use on our skin without extra rinses or wearing gloves. This stuff is totally okay, it’s the first time I’ve washed without gloves - with no skin burns or hives...I’M TOTALLY IN LOVE!" -Shara Jean, NY