Washing Handknit & Crochet Reviews

"When I first put it in the Rinse I’ll admit I was a little skeptical. Two squirts hardly seemed enough to make a difference. But when I put my hands in the water – Wow!! Not only did my hands come out feeling softer, but the scarf was noticably softer as well! There’s no rinsing with water either, at this point, a gentle squeeze and lay it flat to dry and done!" - Moogly Blog

"I was so very happy with the results. My yarn is clean, and it smells great. Even the most gentle care yarns that I have made it through the process. I was sure to be super careful with the gentle care yarns, but as I said, they all turned out great! Now I still have a lot of boxed items to clean from the soot incident, and some of it is more yarn, but I have made a good dent in it, and I can work in my new basement studio with my happy, clean yarn." - Jessie

"I first used Unicorn Fibre Wash and Fibre Rinse years ago and loved it. I recently ordered more directly from the website because I had such great memories of how it worked miracles on my wool, hand-knit items. Now I use it professionally in my work (knitting commissions for a niche market) and I also sell it on my website. The stuff is just amazing--it truly is like using shampoo and conditioner when you wash your hair, which makes sense, since wool is sheep's hair!" - Handknit Habitat

"I've used all of the available fiber washes - and Unicorn is the best! It leaves all of my fibers, silk, wool, blends, alpaca, etc. soft and silky. It has a very faint and pleasant scent, just perfect for my handknits. Unicorn also really brings out the fullness in natural fibers. Heartily recommend it - it's the only one I use now!" - Andrea

"I've been using Unicorn Fibre Wash and Rinse for a couple of years for my hand knits and all my fine woolens, even a wool hand-woven rug. I've tried other products but this is the best. There is only a lovely faint scent, I don't like scented products,and my knits come out soft and as good or better than new. I'm currently ordering my second batch of both the wash and the rinse." - Margaret

"I’ve had great results with the whole [UNICORN] line...I set the garment to soak in the Fibre Wash and then drained the water when I was ready to block. You can also add a teaspoon of Fibre Rinse into the last clear water rinse...The cowl came out beautifully. The soaking process washed out any of the oils that had transferred to it when I was knitting it at circles, on the train, or at home. The Fibre Wash really helped to open up the lace work and even out the stitches in the beaded section."