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"Partway into the massive fiber-processing effort involved in The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook, I discovered Power Scour. It saved my sanity! What a delight!"

- Deb Robson, Author

"Since I found Power Scour I’ve never used anything else. It saves me time, money, and water. Unicorn Fibre Rinse makes fleeces a pleasure to spin."

- Beth Smith, Author

"I have tried most of the wool scouring products plus Dawn and Orvus and found that my favorite is Unicorn Power Scour. One of the main reasons I love it is because there is no need to boil water to get the temperature high enough to melt the lanolin. There is some kind of magic ingredient that makes that not necessary and since I wash wool in my laundry room on the second floor, heating water would make me crazy."

- Beth Smith / PLY Magazine


"Ok, I'm sold! I washed two cashmere sweaters this weekend and they are absolutely irresistible. It's fabulous, we definitely need to get this into the hands of people who will go "Wild" over the softness. thank you again for the complimentary bottles- I guess there's more handwashing in my future!"

- Linda Cortright / Editor and Publisher /