Bloggers Test Our Products

"...This is when the Fibre Wash and Fibre Rinse duo, operating as a team, started to pull away from the pack. The hank that I'd washed and rinsed with the Fibre Rinse was much more plump and lustrous, both in touch and appearance. My hearty oil-filled farm yarn felt positively wonderful"

"I ended up getting Power Scour...I'll tell you right now that it's working. I've got my processing time down...This stuff seems to know the difference between the extraneous and the essential."

"I can't live without Power Scour!  Fibre Wash removes any bleeding dyes, and works wonders on fleeces, and anything you want to brighten-or bring the color out in. Fibre Rinse made a scratchy scarf made from Patons Classic Wool, soft. What's awesome about it, is I only used a couple of drops, in the wash. This bottle will last for-ever. No more scratchy wools, this product is a life-changer."

"I have LOTS of fleece to I want to get it done quickly, effectively and create as little waste as possible. Power Scour is effective at a lower temperature."

"So I have decided which product I need – BOTH! I like the Fibre Rinse for blocking – it doesn’t need to be rinsed out. I need something to wash my handmades in after I wear them, and the Fibre Wash is perfect for that. A little goes a long way, further than I thought, so they’re quite affordable too." 

"I honestly had no idea how much Dawn I was using, and am shocked that I could use eighty five percent less product by weight when using Unicorn"

"This is an awesome product! I took some old yellowed lace and soaked it in Power Scour overnight. I rinsed it out the next morning and it looked new! I’m so happy. I love Power Scour."