Removing Odors

"I have fiber goats - regular washing did not remove the billy goat stink on some fleeces but Power Scour did." - Anonymous

"I just thought I would let you know how well your Fibre Wash worked for me! I am a needlepoint canvas designer, and have talked with you at markets before and purchased some of your product. I had a specific problem that you were confident your product could rectify...I had most of my finished work (needlepoint canvases made into pillows for display at market) stored in plastic crates in the garage. Unbeknownst to us, a rabbit became trapped in our garage prior to our departure from town for about a month. Alas, in its last days, the rabbit found the one pillow that was not protected in a plastic crate and urinated on the white fabric that, along with my needlepoint, comprised the pillow! Following your advice, I removed the stuffing from the pillow and soaked the affected area in tepid water with your Fibre Wash. I then repeated that soaking, but with water and Fibre Rinse. I was able to do this without having the water ever touch the needlework, just the pillow fabric. After letting it dry, both the smell and stain of the urine were completely gone! What a life saver! Thanks again for your great products. I shall certainly recommend them to my friends with difficult or unusual washing needs!" - Ellen