Washing Luxury Fibers

"I received a free sample at a llama conference and have just started washing and processing my own fleeces and discovered this wonderful fiber wash! I ordered more and will never go back to anything else for washing my llama fleeces. It leaves the fleeces bright and clean." - Charlotte

"For ages now I’ve struggled to get Merino clean. i can do it but takes LOADS of fairy liquid and EVEN MORE washes for the rinse as the liquid doesn't want to budge. I used the greasiest Merino fleece I own, and the greasiest Cormo. I washed 75g wool in a mesh bag, and used 60 Celsius (140F) water and used 3% of Unicorn Power Scour. I did 5 washes total, and now have WONDERFUL clean wool which took half the time to clean and which didn't mean I had to boil kettles. Also for the first time ever NO COMPACTING OR FELTING! So Unicorn has me well and thoroughly won over I couldn't rate this product highly enough! Thank you Unicorn! You’re brilliant!" - Mike

"Have been using a popular dish detergent for years to scour my fibers. Power Scour beats the detergent hands down! Leaves everything from Cormo to Alpaca clean, fresh, and soft." - Stony Creek Handspun

"I love the Power Scour! Its the only thing i use and it does a wonderful job on my greasy merino fiber." - Hollie

"Hi there: Received your samples, weighed out a pound of merino fleece (the sample was 1oz and packaging said 1oz could do 2 lbs, so I halved it in order to be able to scour the fleece twice)...am ASTONISHED by the results. That fleece has been sitting in the grease for two years (hey: stuff happens *smile*), and was not sweatered, skirted, or trimmed. So: gross fleece (grease, wax, vegetable matter, the works). Once through the Unicorn Power Scour bath and a hot rinse and it was still a bit waxy, so I set it to soak again, using just hot tap water (~120F), and rinsed three times. The fiber is now SNOW WHITE and the last thing I would ever call it is itchy! That fiber is SOFT, beautifully fine and crimped, and such a perfect pretty white I'm not even sure I'm going to dye it. Thank you so much for your MARVELOUSLY EFFECTIVE product!! Every bit as effective as a harsher detergent, but four times as efficient!!" - Jess