We ship all international orders in flat rate boxes by USPS. We have found that this is the most cost effective option for most of our international customers. Here are our tips on how to get the best value when paying international shipping.

Fill a Flat Rate Box with Mix & Match

Flat Rate Boxes can also hold the following combinations. Please make sure your International Order complies with what we can fit in a box, or we will be contacting you for additional shipping costs or cancelling part of your order. 

  • 1 - 16 oz bottle + 30 - 4 oz bottles
  • 2 - 16 oz bottles + 28 - 4 oz bottles
  • 3 - 16 oz bottles + 23 - 4 oz bottles
  • 4 - 16 oz bottles + 20 - 4 oz bottles
  • 5 - 16 oz bottles + 13 - 4 oz bottles
  • 6 - 16 oz bottles + 10 - 4 oz bottles
  • 7 - 16 oz bottles + 4 - 4 oz bottles
  • 8 - 16 oz bottles + 2 - 4 oz bottles



We can fit 34 4-oz bottles in one flat rate box.

We can fit up to 34 4oz bottles in Flat Rate International boxes, so filling up the box will get you the best deal. 

We can fit 8 16-oz bottles in one flat rate box.

We can fit up to 8 16oz bottles in Flat Rate International Boxes. For the best value, we recommend purchasing 8 bottles - as it will cost the same amount to ship 6, 4, 2, etc. If you're paying flat rate - you might as well fill the entire box! 

Gift Sets & Kits

At this time we are not shipping gifts or kits internationally. Please order only 4 oz and 16 oz bottles if you are an international customer, or you will be billed for additional shipping. If you want to find a Gift Set or Kit locally, please check our Find Local Unicorn map and locate the dealer in your area. 

Save on Shipping. Buy Local!

We also have International Wholesalers available who purchase in bulk and have inventory in stock so you don't need to pay shipping. If there are no wholesalers in your area, and you would like to be a wholesaler - please visit our Wholesale page for an application. We have no minimum purchase or requirements for wholesale accounts.