UNICORN / Kookaburra / All / Ecos - A Wool Wash Test by Marie Spaulding

Mary's Excerpt from Test Results.

We now use UNICORN Beyond Clean to wash all of our locks. We love that the product is eco-friendly and bio-degradable; the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) will show you there are no Hazardous Decomposition Products, you can ask for the MSDS from any supplier. Beyond Clean is also unscented, and low-sudsing which is good for sewer systems, and of course the bottle is #2 PET recyclable. Beyond Clean also scours at lower temps — and while this is considered an environmentally friendly trait because less energy is required, it also means you can use hot water from your tap and let it soak a bit longer as the temperature drops.

We also love the great customer service at UNICORN. By now of course you might think they sponsor us, but the only thing we have received free is the same sample you can get just by making a request on their website. We have paid for every bottle, and are happy to. PLUS, we are thinking to offer it to our customers … and of course, what we sell in our shop are only products we use and will stand behind 100%.

This test is certainly not exhaustive, but from my experience I love Unicorn Beyond Clean and it continues to perform time and again.

I hope you will visit the good folks at Unicorn, and tell them Marie sent you :O)

Books & Magazine Reviews

"Partway into the massive fiber-processing effort involved in The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook, I discovered Power Scour. It saved my sanity! What a delight!"

- Deb Robson, Author


"Since I found Power Scour I’ve never used anything else. It saves me time, money, and water. Unicorn Fibre Rinse makes fleeces a pleasure to spin."

- Beth Smith, Author


"I have tried most of the wool scouring products plus Dawn and Orvus and found that my favorite is Unicorn Power Scour. One of the main reasons I love it is because there is no need to boil water to get the temperature high enough to melt the lanolin. There is some kind of magic ingredient that makes that not necessary and since I wash wool in my laundry room on the second floor, heating water would make me crazy."

- Beth Smith / PLY Magazine www.plymagazine.com


"Ok, I'm sold! I washed two cashmere sweaters this weekend and they are absolutely irresistible. It's fabulous, we definitely need to get this into the hands of people who will go "Wild" over the softness. thank you again for the complimentary bottles- I guess there's more handwashing in my future!"

- Linda Cortright / Editor and Publisher / www.wildfibersmagazine.com

Cleaning Cloth Diapers

"The Beyond Clean detergent is what we have been using for both my diapers to sell and for our potty training endeavors. It would also be suitable for stripping wool items, or cleaning particularly soiled clothing and baby items. It is fragrance free, biodegradable and has no residue buildup." - The Cloth Diaper Report


Click to download the UNICORN PRODUCT CHALLENGE (PDF) by Melissa Mailly

Best Wash for Wool Diaper Covers. 

"The scour was great for removing lanolin and deep cleaning wool diaper covers for storage and the fibre wash is the best I have ever used for routine diaper cover cleaning. absolutely love it." - Jenna

"I received one of each of your products as a gift when my youngest was born last year. The Power Scour enabled me to use a dozen stained woolies I'd written off as useless. Now all 4 of mine have enjoyed the same woolies. That's special to me! " - Abby

Great for Wool Diaper Covers.

"Love, love, LOVE Unicorn Fibre Wash for wool diaper covers. Seriously the best wash i have used!" - J.A.

"I started testing Unicorn Beyond Clean a few months ago for washing cloth diapers with a reluctant feeling - Firstly I do not believe in "diaper safe detergent" and have had no luck with them in the past so have been using Tide. We were starting to experience ammonia in some of our diapers right before I started testing this. My goal...was to search out products that would contribute to cloth diapering being and staying simple.

  • No one wants to strip and deal with stink.
  • No one wants to use bleach and hot water constantly that can damage the fabrics.

Even when my dirty diapers sit over night in the pail and I put them in the wash the following day they do not smell like ammonia-this detergent has kept my new diapers looking new and protects the fibres. If you have something that works great-don't mess with it because I'm not saying you NEED this product but if you have issues and you want to make you wash routine easier this might be the right product for you. Making cloth diapering easy and enjoyable will help people stick with it and that's what I care about the most." - Heather

"I am a number cruncher. I have always used tide, I have never purchased "baby safe" detergent and I was really reluctant to add in another product. However, I love this stuff! I used to have to strip (1 packet of RLR for every 10 diapers, every 3 weeks). At that time I had roughly 100 diapers in active rotation, so by simple math, I was spending $29/month in RLR, plus the actually cost of tide, which was 2 scoops per load (one in the rinse and one in the wash) which is about $.80 in detergent. The Beyond Clean and hard water, we are good with using 1 oz per wash with Hard Water and an HE machine, so we get 20 loads out of a bottle, which breaks down to about $.94 a load. So while it may cost me $.14 more a load, I don't have to spend a weekend stripping diapers." - Kaci

"I'm so happy it's gotten rid of the musty smell in about 4 diapers that I couldn't get anything else to work on!" - Jaci

"I love this product use it on everything including my wool when it needs a good cleaning and fiber wash isn't good enough... it totally keeps my diapers like new and smell free  I love it so much I would not go back to anything else. I was getting stinks with tide and gain also and started washing in super hot to make it better and then came this wonderful detergent switched to warm and no stinks at all just perfectly clean diapers that stay looking nice and almost new" - Caelin

"Beyond Clean has saved my sanity for diapers and all other laundry. Over weeks of using it, I've seen our clothes and diapers slowly get softer and cleaner, as I believe it has truly cleaned them of all build up and stink. I have absolutely NO question ever now with stink or cleanliness of any laundry, including diapers. It's completely green and non toxic which is a necessity to me." - A.D.


"My friend gave me some samples of the unicorn wash for my child's wool diaper covers/pants. I've been using another brand of wool wash for about 2 years. That said, I WILL NEVER USE ANOTHER WOOL WASH EVER AGAIN!!! The filth that had built up in my woolies was disgusting and Unicorn washed all that dingy, nastiness right away. The colors were brighter, the fiber was softer, they smelled so much better. I even took a picture of my wash water to show my friend because I was in such disbelief. Thank you for such an awesome product!!!" - Heather


Washing Raw Wool

"Unicorn Power Scour is a fantastic product! As a busy spinner who shares an apartment, I don't have the luxury of time to commandeer the kitchen or bath to clean fleece. This product makes short work of even very greasy fleeces! A little goes a very long way, you get value for money. And the best part is the quality of your fleece––mill standard clean, and buoyant. Unicorn Power Scour has sent me on a fleece cleaning spree!" - S. Briscoe

"It only took 3 times to wash the fleece instead of the 7 it took before! The fleece came out clean, soft and lovely with no odor left." - Anne


"This is Magic. A while back, I acquired some handspun mohair from Afghanistan. Unfortunately, it was filthy and smelly, but for some reason I kept it. I tried washing it with other fiber washes, but with little success. I got a free sample of Power Scour and tried it - could NOT believe how Amazingly it worked! Within just a few moment, dirt almost poured out of the yarn. I could not believe it. I followed with Fibre Wash - again more dirt came out - and then the Fibre Rinse just let the yarn bloom. It is such a beautiful, natural color now ...and so soft, I can't believe it." - Ada

"...The fleece had a lot of grease, grass and small sticks in it I used Power Scour to wash it, which is great stuff. The fleece came out very fluffy and clean. It should go through the picker and come out looking great. In the past I have used Tide, Dawn, and Orvus, but none of them performed as fast and as well as the Power Scour! The fleece I used it on was the greasiest I have ever had, and the Power Scour effectively removed all the grease without damaging the fleece." - Tess

"I got some "bargain" fleece from a friend. She said it was "dirty". That was the understatement of the year. She told me it was nice fleece once it was clean. I got the package and opened it up and I thought how the heck am I going to get it cleaned up. Did I just waste my money? I struggled and used my usual routine of soaking and rinsing it several times. It is a very fine micron Merino and the dirt and VM was embedded in the fiber. I got the Power Scour on recommendation of the moderator on a fiber group I belong to. Wow! What a difference it made. I added a pump of the Power Scour to a small batch to test it out along with my regular cleanser. The difference was AMAZING. So, much filth came out in the wash, rinse and fiber prep that this fleece is now usable and CLEAN! It IS a high quality fleece, but the farmer she got it from must have kept the sheep in a dirt pen full of beggar tick weeds. Because that is what the fleece is full of. It is now no longer fodder for the compost heap it is a beautiful fleece and very spinnable. Power Scour saved the fleece and a friendship. I plan on buying a gallon of it on my next order." - Rebecca

Unicorn vs Kookaburra vs Eucalan vs Soak - by Yookiwool



  • DIRT


Unicorn Beyond Clean

This wool wash came out on top in my test which wasn’t all that surprising since it’s specially formulated to be tough on grease, soiled diapers and stains. There was a noticeable difference in its cleaning action at the 15 min, 30 min and 1 hr mark compared to all other washes tested. For this reason, I think Unicorn’s Beyond Clean is the best choice for cleaning lanolized wool knits that have either been heavily soiled or are starting to smell. This is also a great choice for regular washing if you prefer to not have to soak your wool for long periods of time as it was the fastest acting wash on the stains and dirt.

Many people think that this detergent is really harsh and should only be used for “stripping” their covers, however, Unicorn assures me that this wash is not harsh on the wool fibers and is good for frequent use on your diaper covers. Note that Unicorn Beyond Clean is great on lanolized diaper covers since it will actually get the covers clean by removing the old lanolin. Old built-up lanolin can become rancid and harbor smells which are easily washed away with with Unicorn Beyond Clean. These smells may otherwise be left behind if a milder wool wash is used that doesn’t cut the waxiness of the lanolin.

Beyond Clean baby detergent is unscented but Unicorn Fibre also makes a lightly scented version called Power Scour that is otherwise identical. The instructions for Unicorn Beyond Clean call for twice the amount (0.5 oz/gallon) necessary for hand-washing a couple diaper covers: Beyond Clean is marketed for use with baby clothing and diapers and the company wants to ensure that enough detergent is being used to get these items clean. We used half of the recommended amount in our wool wash test (0.25oz/gallon) since this is sufficient for hand-washing wool knits as confirmed by Unicorn.

Best for: heavily soiled/stained or smelly knits, removing lanolin build-up

Strengths: toughest on stains, fastest acting, good for cloth diaper washing too

Weaknesses: cost

Unicorn Fibre Wash or Unicorn Beyond Fibre Wash

This wool wash was a close second which was apparent by the 30 minute time point. It actually out performed the winner on both coffee and sharpie marker stains. Unicorn Fibre Wash and Beyond Fibre wash are excellent choices for day to day knit washing. If you have at least 30 minutes for soaking these two versions of Unicorn Fibre Wash are quite effective on stains.

Based on frequent personal use I can vouch for the cleaning power of Unicorn Fibre Wash; it has kept all of our wool diaper covers stain free with the exception of one rust stain. Note that I soak my knits as soon as a potential stain is discovered to avoid it from completely drying and setting into the fibers. I almost always use tepid water between 98 and 100º F. With this routine our diaper covers come out smelling fresh and looking clean every time.

To clear up any confusion, Unicorn Fibre Wash and Unicorn Beyond Fibre Wash are identical with the only difference being that the standard Fibre Wash has a mild lavender fragrance. The Beyond product is unscented and marketed for use with baby items or for those with sensitive skin. There is also a difference in the product instructions; two times the amount is suggested for the Beyond version compared to the standard version.

This difference is again to ensure that those who are using this product to wash soiled cloth diapers use enough detergent to get these items clean. For hand-washing knits 0.25 oz/gallon of tepid water is sufficient for cleaning your wool diaper covers. If you feel your diapers are extra soiled it’s safe to increase the concentration to 0.5 oz/gallon of water. For washing soiled diapers I personally recommend using the more powerful Unicorn Beyond Clean to keep your cloth fresh and free of build-up.

Best for: All purpose wool wash, stains and/or moderate-lightly soiled knits

Strengths: tough on stains, fast acting

Weaknesses: cost

Kookaburra Wash

Kookaburra Wash was slow to start but after about 2 hours of soaking it started to catch up to some of the other washes. By the end of the test it did well and compared closely to the Unicorn washes with the exception of the tomato juice and green vegetable stains which were a weakness for Kookaburra Wash.

One noticeable thing about this wash is that it has a distinct tea tree oil scent that remains after your knits are rinsed and dried. This may be a turn-off for some while for others it might be a plus for baby detergent.

This wash is good for fibers of all types and is safe for use in your machine for general purpose laundry washing. Also hypoallergenic and a good option for those with sensitive skin.

I have not used Kookaburra often but at its low price-point (12 cents per hand-wash) I think it’s good option if your knits aren’t heavily soiled. Otherwise you’ll need to allow for longer soaking times with this option compared to some of the other washes.

Best for: medium-mildly soiled knits

Strengths: lowest cost

Weaknesses: out-performed by other washes on stains, slower acting, only comes in tea-tree oil scent


Eucalan performed similarly to the Kookaburra in that it took a little longer to notice the laundry detergent for babies cleaning action. Stains began noticeably fading at around 1 hour but were still brighter compared to the other washes. By 2 hours the stains faded more but were still brighter than the leading washes. When the stains were closely compared by the end of the test, Eucalan fell short on most of the stains (blueberry juice, vegetable purée, tomato juice, and coffee).

I used the unscented version of Eucalan but it comes in several scented varieties. It’s priced well at 13 cents per hand-wash and I think it would be a good choice under these conditions: 1) your knits are not that dirty/stained 2) your looking for a low-priced wool wash and 3) you don’t like the idea of the tea-tree oil scent of the Kookaburra Wash.

Best for: medium-mildly soiled knits

Strengths: low cost, comes in unscented or scented varieties

Weaknesses: out-performed by other washes on stains, slower acting


Soak received the lowest scoring by the end of the stain test and is also the most expensive wool wash we tested. The notable weaknesses of this wash were blueberry juice and highlighter marker.

Personally I would choose Kookaburra or Eucalan over this wash since they are both cheaper and performed better on the stains. I’m not here to bash any product, however, and would like to point out that this wash would be a great choice if one was looking for something that comes in several different trendy scents. The scent I tested was “fig” which was light and sweet. The scent remains detectable in garments after rinsing and drying which is mild and pleasant and a plus for this product if you like for your laundry to be mildly fragrant.

Best for: lightly soiled knits

Strengths: comes in hip/trendy scents, good for mildly soiled knits

Weaknesses: cleaning action was weakest, most expensive

Sensitive Skin Reviews

"What a great product! I originally got Beyond Clean because my family and I all have very sensitive skin. A friend recommended it to me because it would deep clean tough stains without added fragrance. Right off the bat, I had a cotton garment with a dried-on spaghetti stain. I soaked it in Beyond Clean for about 15 minutes and then tossed it in the washer with 1 ounce of Beyond Clean. It came out completely clean without a trace of stain...and no irritating perfumes. Wow! I love this stuff!" -L Miller

"I’m very impressed with the new Unicorn Beyond products and I will vouch for them. My family has extremely sensitive skin. Eczema as well as allergies to soaps, petroleum, oils, fragrances, all the butters and lotions and creams and chemicals make it very difficult to find things we can use on our skin without extra rinses or wearing gloves. This stuff is totally okay, it’s the first time I’ve washed without gloves - with no skin burns or hives...I’M TOTALLY IN LOVE!" -Shara Jean, NY

Washing Handknit & Crochet Reviews

"When I first put it in the Rinse I’ll admit I was a little skeptical. Two squirts hardly seemed enough to make a difference. But when I put my hands in the water – Wow!! Not only did my hands come out feeling softer, but the scarf was noticably softer as well! There’s no rinsing with water either, at this point, a gentle squeeze and lay it flat to dry and done!" - Moogly Blog

"I was so very happy with the results. My yarn is clean, and it smells great. Even the most gentle care yarns that I have made it through the process. I was sure to be super careful with the gentle care yarns, but as I said, they all turned out great! Now I still have a lot of boxed items to clean from the soot incident, and some of it is more yarn, but I have made a good dent in it, and I can work in my new basement studio with my happy, clean yarn." - Jessie

"I first used Unicorn Fibre Wash and Fibre Rinse years ago and loved it. I recently ordered more directly from the website because I had such great memories of how it worked miracles on my wool, hand-knit items. Now I use it professionally in my work (knitting commissions for a niche market) and I also sell it on my website. The stuff is just amazing--it truly is like using shampoo and conditioner when you wash your hair, which makes sense, since wool is sheep's hair!" - Handknit Habitat

"I've used all of the available fiber washes - and Unicorn is the best! It leaves all of my fibers, silk, wool, blends, alpaca, etc. soft and silky. It has a very faint and pleasant scent, just perfect for my handknits. Unicorn also really brings out the fullness in natural fibers. Heartily recommend it - it's the only one I use now!" - Andrea

"I've been using Unicorn Fibre Wash and Rinse for a couple of years for my hand knits and all my fine woolens, even a wool hand-woven rug. I've tried other products but this is the best. There is only a lovely faint scent, I don't like scented products,and my knits come out soft and as good or better than new. I'm currently ordering my second batch of both the wash and the rinse." - Margaret

"I’ve had great results with the whole [UNICORN] line...I set the garment to soak in the Fibre Wash and then drained the water when I was ready to block. You can also add a teaspoon of Fibre Rinse into the last clear water rinse...The cowl came out beautifully. The soaking process washed out any of the oils that had transferred to it when I was knitting it at circles, on the train, or at home. The Fibre Wash really helped to open up the lace work and even out the stitches in the beaded section." 

Unicorn vs a Blue Dish Soap

"Picked up my first fleece at Maryland Sheep and Wool. I've washed other wool previously using Dawn; however, with Power Scour my fiber feels better, fluffier, and smells wonderful. The dirt just dissolves leaving the fiber looking and feeling great. I would never hesitate to recommend this product!!!" - Judy

"I tried Power Scour, blue Dawn, and Kookaburra on two Romney cross fleeces I purchased at the 2014 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Of the three, Power Scour had the best combination of cleaning power and gentleness (not drying out the fleece locks). A plus is the lovely, delicate scent." - Anonymous

"Cleans as promised at low temperatures the most dirtiest fleeces I have!!! LOVE IT, no more Dawn for me!!!" - Anonymous

"This product is fantastic. I bought Power Scour in desperation after washing a fleece FOUR TIMES with dish soap, shampoo, and other detergents with little impact on the greasiness. Finally I gave up and spun it in the grease thinking I'd wash the yarn and it would go much better. Big surprise, the yarn was no easier to clean. Two tablespoons of Power Scour in my top-loading washer was enough to clean a sweater's worth of greasy yarn into something lovely, soft, and ready to knit. The fiber isn't dried out or brittle and it smells wonderful. Power Scour wasn't harsh on my hands at all. You've earned yourself a convert for life! The samples of fibre wash and fibre rinse were fantastic too." - Diane

"I've used every product on the market, from blue and yellow Dawn (not a fan) to other fleece scours and wool rinses and washes. For prepping a raw fleece for processing and spinning/dyeing, NOTHING beats Power Scour. You use a small fraction of the product compared to others so it is a real value, but most of all Power Scour doesn't strip the wool of its softness. Never harsh, the results are a clean-smelling and easy-to-handle, clean fibers which don't need any extra "spinning oil", conditioners or other lubricants to soften the fibers or make them workable. Well done!" - Kelley

"Better Than Dawn. I bought a lot of raw mohair and raw alpaca hair to use for my dolls. I had a lot of felting happen when I used dawn. This caused no matting or felting. I fill the sink with hot water, add the unicorn power scour when filled, lightly stir the water and unicorn power scour with a large paint brush (make sure no bubbles happen), then add the mesh filled bags full of hair...I love this stuff a little go along way, smells good, works great!" - Amanda

Washing & Setting Yarn

"So, I recycle yarn from thrift store sweaters, I use the power scour to wash the yarn after unraveling. I'm so happy I found this. It does a great job and smells so good. Thanks for a wonderful product!" - Elise

"I even took some yarn that I'd previously washed in my "former favorite product". The dirt that was released from this already-washed-four-times yarn was nearly unbelievable, it was as though the yarn had never been washed! No more dirt -- only soft, luxurious fiber." - Connie

Removing Odors

"I have fiber goats - regular washing did not remove the billy goat stink on some fleeces but Power Scour did." - Anonymous

"I just thought I would let you know how well your Fibre Wash worked for me! I am a needlepoint canvas designer, and have talked with you at markets before and purchased some of your product. I had a specific problem that you were confident your product could rectify...I had most of my finished work (needlepoint canvases made into pillows for display at market) stored in plastic crates in the garage. Unbeknownst to us, a rabbit became trapped in our garage prior to our departure from town for about a month. Alas, in its last days, the rabbit found the one pillow that was not protected in a plastic crate and urinated on the white fabric that, along with my needlepoint, comprised the pillow! Following your advice, I removed the stuffing from the pillow and soaked the affected area in tepid water with your Fibre Wash. I then repeated that soaking, but with water and Fibre Rinse. I was able to do this without having the water ever touch the needlework, just the pillow fabric. After letting it dry, both the smell and stain of the urine were completely gone! What a life saver! Thanks again for your great products. I shall certainly recommend them to my friends with difficult or unusual washing needs!" - Ellen

Washing Luxury Fibers

"I received a free sample at a llama conference and have just started washing and processing my own fleeces and discovered this wonderful fiber wash! I ordered more and will never go back to anything else for washing my llama fleeces. It leaves the fleeces bright and clean." - Charlotte

"For ages now I’ve struggled to get Merino clean. i can do it but takes LOADS of fairy liquid and EVEN MORE washes for the rinse as the liquid doesn't want to budge. I used the greasiest Merino fleece I own, and the greasiest Cormo. I washed 75g wool in a mesh bag, and used 60 Celsius (140F) water and used 3% of Unicorn Power Scour. I did 5 washes total, and now have WONDERFUL clean wool which took half the time to clean and which didn't mean I had to boil kettles. Also for the first time ever NO COMPACTING OR FELTING! So Unicorn has me well and thoroughly won over I couldn't rate this product highly enough! Thank you Unicorn! You’re brilliant!" - Mike

"Have been using a popular dish detergent for years to scour my fibers. Power Scour beats the detergent hands down! Leaves everything from Cormo to Alpaca clean, fresh, and soft." - Stony Creek Handspun

"I love the Power Scour! Its the only thing i use and it does a wonderful job on my greasy merino fiber." - Hollie

"Hi there: Received your samples, weighed out a pound of merino fleece (the sample was 1oz and packaging said 1oz could do 2 lbs, so I halved it in order to be able to scour the fleece twice)...am ASTONISHED by the results. That fleece has been sitting in the grease for two years (hey: stuff happens *smile*), and was not sweatered, skirted, or trimmed. So: gross fleece (grease, wax, vegetable matter, the works). Once through the Unicorn Power Scour bath and a hot rinse and it was still a bit waxy, so I set it to soak again, using just hot tap water (~120F), and rinsed three times. The fiber is now SNOW WHITE and the last thing I would ever call it is itchy! That fiber is SOFT, beautifully fine and crimped, and such a perfect pretty white I'm not even sure I'm going to dye it. Thank you so much for your MARVELOUSLY EFFECTIVE product!! Every bit as effective as a harsher detergent, but four times as efficient!!" - Jess

Removing Stains

"...I spilled a full glass of burgundy RED WINE on the hand-made Madeira lace table runner that has added a touch of elegance to many years of holiday celebrations at our home. We thought it was ruined. Hey, wait a minute! Grab the POWER SCOUR! I filled a bowl with hot tap water and added a few "squirts" of Power Scour. (Why I didn't think to video this is beyond me). Within a few minutes you could see dramatic lifting of the red wine stain. Within an hour the stain was about 3/4 gone. Next morning, the lace cloth looked totally clean, without even a trace of staining! Power Scour had dissipated the stain at the molecular level and -- even the water was clear! I had to tell you. " - Mary

"I dye a lot of cotton, usually off cones from the mill. It's always waxed, and the wax is very hard to remove. A very small amount of Power Scour takes the wax right off. I can go ahead and dye them after an hour instead of several days. The yarn is whiter - making the colors brighter and clearer." - Esther

"This is an awesome product! I took some old yellowed lace and soaked it in Power Scour overnight. I rinsed it out the next morning and it looked new! I’m so happy. I love Power Scour." - Jessie

"Beyond Clean is definitely my favorite of this line. I’m starting to think of it as kind of a miracle wash and immense time saver. Normally when I spill something tough on my knits or clothes I wash at them vigorously with dishsoap and hope for the best...I used Beyond Clean each time it got messy and it came out looking fabulous with only a couple of squeezes while it was soaking...it’s WELL WORTH IT when it comes to removing stains." - Cassy

Dog Baths & Other Fresh Ideas

"I am a fan of Unicorn Products...For scouring wool, I find they work fantastically under the conditions almost all spinners have in their homes and they do so at what I have found is a lower cost than many of the usual alternatives. They clean the grease out of raw wool efficiently, condition the wool nicely, and treat my finished objects gently. I don’t need to boil extra water, and I can dump the water/scour/grease sludge on my vegetable gardens – and let me tell you, I had roses blooming under the bathroom window well into February one year when I was cleaning a whole lotta fleece in there! But the usage that sold me on them the most is bathing my dog. Seriously you say? Yup. Seriously."

Mother Earth News

"I’ve tried almost all of the scouring agents on the market, and my preferred wool scour is Unicorn Power Scour, made by Unicorn Fibre. Other experienced fiber people recommend other detergents, but Power Scour is the one I find consistently gives me great results, regardless of the fleece’s grease content. It can be used at lower temperatures than the other scours (which means no boiling water is necessary), and I use a fraction of the amount required by other detergents I’ve tried." - Beth Smith / Mother Earth News

Bloggers Test Our Products

"...This is when the Fibre Wash and Fibre Rinse duo, operating as a team, started to pull away from the pack. The hank that I'd washed and rinsed with the Fibre Rinse was much more plump and lustrous, both in touch and appearance. My hearty oil-filled farm yarn felt positively wonderful"

"I ended up getting Power Scour...I'll tell you right now that it's working. I've got my processing time down...This stuff seems to know the difference between the extraneous and the essential."

"I can't live without Power Scour!  Fibre Wash removes any bleeding dyes, and works wonders on fleeces, and anything you want to brighten-or bring the color out in. Fibre Rinse made a scratchy scarf made from Patons Classic Wool, soft. What's awesome about it, is I only used a couple of drops, in the wash. This bottle will last for-ever. No more scratchy wools, this product is a life-changer."

"I have LOTS of fleece to wash...so I want to get it done quickly, effectively and create as little waste as possible. Power Scour is effective at a lower temperature."

"So I have decided which product I need – BOTH! I like the Fibre Rinse for blocking – it doesn’t need to be rinsed out. I need something to wash my handmades in after I wear them, and the Fibre Wash is perfect for that. A little goes a long way, further than I thought, so they’re quite affordable too." 

"I honestly had no idea how much Dawn I was using, and am shocked that I could use eighty five percent less product by weight when using Unicorn"

"This is an awesome product! I took some old yellowed lace and soaked it in Power Scour overnight. I rinsed it out the next morning and it looked new! I’m so happy. I love Power Scour."

Rinse and Soft Results

"Beyond Soft, I just tried it. WOW. It made a scratchy scarf made from Patons Classic Wool, soft. What's awesome about it, is I only used a couple of drops, in the wash. This bottle will last for-ever. No more scratchy wools, this product is a life-changer." - Sayra

"Love it,as for the rinse, left fiber clean and soft." - Lora

"Love this rinse product. Yesterday, I decided to soak an Irish wool sweater to see if I could repair some of the "fulling" that happened the last time I washed it. In other words, it shrank a lot. After washing in the Unicorn Fibre Wash and soaking in the Fibre Rinse for about an hour, I blocked the sweater and it is now adult sized. I can still feel a slight fulling but I do have a wearable sweater again." - Anonymous

"Scarves That Don't Itch. Thank you so much for the fast shipment!! The product was on my porch yesterday morning. My friend raises Cotswold sheep and I make extensive use of that wool which can be a little strong. Your Fibre Rinse makes Cotswold so soft I can make scarves that don't itch. I have several previously spun skeins soaking as we speak. I'm so excited." - Susie

Everyday Laundry Moments

"Oh my goodness! Oh my GOODNESS! Even the coarser fibers feel silky with this product! Fabulous!" - Nancy

"This is my favorite wool/fibre wash on the market. I don't understand how it works, but it does; items that I didn't think were particularly soiled turn the water the color of weak tea and the color of the garment is always brighter." - Anonymous

"A while back, I acquired some handspun mohair from Afghanistan. Unfortunately, it was filthy and smelly, but for some reason I kept it. I tried washing it with other fiber washes, but with little success. I got a free sample of all three Fibre products and tried them: - First, Power Scrub - within just a few moments, dirt almost poured out of the yarn. I could not believe it. I followed with Fibre Wash - again more dirt came out - and then the Fibre Rinse just let the yarn bloom. It is such a beautiful, natural color now ...and so soft, I can't believe it. I've now just ordered 16 oz. bottles of each product - and can't wait to rewash all of my daughter's knit stuff that just came home from college (and which hadn't been washed for an entire school year). This is now my one and only fibre wash product!!" - Ada

Reviews From Woolen Mills

"Camphill Village Kimberton Hills textile workshop in Pennsylvania was introduced to Unicorn wool wash products by Gurdy Run Woolen Mill. Since using the Power Scour, the cleanliness of our wool and our fibers is noticeably improved. Thank you!" - Camphill Village

"I love Power Scour.  I've used it to clean stains and spills on my yarn, finished items and clothing and it never disappoints. I even tried a stain test with cooking oil, coffee, tea and wine on various fibers. Everything came clean." - Ruth Lamb / The Mill at Meadowlands MD