"Don’t let down all of those animals who’ve worked so hard all year to grow the best fiber they can for you. Protect their fiber from harsh chemicals that can damage and leave you disappointed. Fibre Wash removes the dirt without hurting the fiber! The dirt is gone and only soft, luxurious fiber remains!"

- Connie Alexander, Crossroads Alpaca Farm 


Unicorn is the industry standard in fleece cleaning. Nobody is tougher on grease or more gentle on delicate fibers. 

Unicorn is commercial grade which means using less product, 50% less than competitive products on average. Unicorn works it's magic in warm water and doesn't need the help of boosters. This means you save money by using less product, less energy and less work.

Unicorn is biodegradable, earth friendly and American made which makes for a cleaner world!

Now that's magical!