Are you interested in carrying our product line in your online shop, farm, or boutique? Being a Merchant is easy!

  1. Apply online to become a Merchant.
  2. Purchase a Merchant Kit (12 bottles).
  3. Use our products, share photos & blogs with #unicornclean on social media so we can promote you.
  4. Add our items to your online shop or store.
  5. Enjoy your Clean Happily Ever After!

There are no monthly or annual sales requirements. If you have any questions, email

Unicorn Merchant Perks

  • 40% discount on all products.
  • Online Promotion of Merchant Businesses on our website & social media accounts (tag #unicornclean)
  • Merchant Map for local customers to find your store.
  • Graphic Materials for you to print and put in your shop & vending booths. 
  • 10 Free Samples of our Beyond Clean for your customers to try. You can include these in your package shipments, or in a basket in your booth or store.

Unicorn Merchant Application

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