Featured Unicorn: Glückswindel


Tell us about what makes your shop unique!

My name is Angelika, I am the founder of Glueckswindel, a german cloth diaper brand.  I produce snappless fitted diapers made out of natural fabrics like hemp, organic cotton and bamboo. My most important part of the shop are wool diaper covers. I have different styles like wool longies, wool shorties and wool covers. All are produced in Germany or the EU and made out of organic, mulesing free wool (GOTS certified). My ethics are: local production (no long distance transportation needed) and organic certified fabrics and wool yarns. The production runs under social and environment friendly circumstances.

The designs and patterns of the fabrics I choose are a clean and natural. The design of my wool longies and wool shorties is slim and simple. So you can wear them as normal shorts or leggings. They have a modern, clean design and there style  fit to many of children clothing.

Tell us about what makes you unique!

I am a mother of two (boy 4yo, girl 6yo) and a teacher for special needs kids. I cloth diapered my son from birth on but that time, I wasn't happy with the cloth diapers I could find on the market. So I started to sew our own diapers. I also didn't (and still do not like) chemical fibers or laminated fabrics like PUL. So I went over to wool. But the wool diaper covers you could find 4 years ago in Germany looked very "oeko", not stylish or chic at all. So I started my research for a knitting factory here in Germany to become my partner. Luckily I could find one, which has been able to transfer my ideas into wool longies and wool shorties. And that´were it all began.

My focus is: fulfilling ecological, social and animal friendly standards and compare them with a good and modern style.

Do you have any secret Unicorn Clean tips or tricks?!

Unicorn Beyond Clean is perfect for deep cleaning wool diaper covers! Wool diaper covers need to be lanolized, that they are bulletproof against moisture. But from time to time, it is good to remove all the lanolin and give your wool diaper cover a deep clean. That´s how Unicorn Beyond Clean works for. And of course, after that, you need to lanolize them again :)

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