"The scour was great for removing lanolin and deep cleaning wool diaper covers for storage and the fibre wash is the best I have ever used for routine diaper cover cleaning. absolutely love it."

β€” Jenna


The gentle cleaning power of Unicorn is strong enough to tackle dirty cloth diapers (yes even solid food poo!) but delicate enough to clean handmade heirlooms. 

Discover a cleaning system that works for all of your baby's things from woven wraps to wool soakers to play clothes and everything in between. 

Unicorn doesn't effect absorbency on cloth diapers. It minimizes dye bleeding and eliminates dust pick up which is especially helpful for handmade items and woven wraps!

Unicorn's Beyond products are the fragrance free version of your beloved Classic Unicorn products. All the same great environmental friendliness and tough cleaning action, now scent optional!