Become a unicorn retailer

Are you interested in carrying Unicorn in your online store, farm or boutique? Becoming a retailer is easy!

Orders are placed via email or by phone.


Follow these four simple steps to become a successful Unicorn retailer!

  • Apply online to become a Merchant.
  • Purchase a Merchant Kit (12 bottles) We will be happy to help mix a case on your first order.
  • Use our products, share photos & blogs with #unicornclean on social media so we can promote you.
  • Add our items to your online shop or store.

There are no monthly or annual sales requirements. If you have any questions, email

Stocking Unicorn comes with some serious perks!

  • 40%-45% discount on all products.
  • Online Promotion of Merchant Businesses on our website & social media accounts (tag #unicornclean)
  • Merchant Map for local customers to find your store.
  • Graphic Materials for you to print and put in your shop & vending booths. 
  • Ask about sample packs at our cost.

Unicorn Retailer Application 

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