Tough on ick, gentle on babes

The gentle cleaning power of Unicorn is strong enough to tackle dirty cloth diapers (yes even solid food poo!) but delicate enough to clean handmade heirlooms.

Discover a cleaning system that works for all of your baby's things from woven wraps to wool soakers to play clothes and everything in between.

Unicorn doesn't effect absorbency on cloth diapers. It minimizes dye bleeding and eliminates dust pick up which is especially helpful for handmade items and woven wraps!

Unicorn's Beyond products are the fragrance free version of your beloved Classic Unicorn products. All the same great environmental friendliness and tough cleaning action, now scent optional!


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I received one of each of your products as a gift when my youngest was born last year. The Power Scour enabled me to use a dozen stained woolies I’d written off as useless. Now all 4 of mine have enjoyed the same woolies. That’s special to me!
— Abbey

16 oz Set (Fragrance Free)

A complete set of our Fragrance Free line

  • One 16 oz Beyond Clean
  • One 16 oz Beyond Wash
  • One 16 oz Beyond Soft
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Beyond Wash (Fragrance Free)
from 4.90

An Everyday Cleaning Soap that is Fragrance Free.

  • Washing Everyday Laundry
  • Mixing Your Own Household Cleaners
  • Treating Odors in Fabrics

For a Scented Wash experience, Try Fibre Wash.

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Beyond Clean (Fragrance Free)
from 5.10

Our Deepest Cleaning Detergent and Fragrance Free!

  • Scouring Raw Wool & Mohair

  • Washing Cloth Diapers

  • Treating Stains and Odors in Fabrics

  • Deep Cleaning Grease, Grime, and Grunge

  • Our most Powerful Detergent

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Beyond Soft (Fragrance Free)
from 4.10

Beyond Soft is a un-scented Fiber Conditioning Rinse. 

  • It enhances softness of delicates and synthetics
  • It softens, illuminates, and makes natural fibers anti-static
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Non-yellowing. 
  • Reduces the "itch factor" in wools. 
  • Earth friendly, biodegradable. 
  • High efficiency washer compatible.
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I love this product use it on everything including my wool when it needs a good cleaning and fiber wash isn’t good enough... it totally keeps my diapers like new and smell free I love it so much I would not go back to anything else. I was getting stinks with tide and gain also and started washing in super hot to make it better and then came this wonderful detergent switched to warm and no stinks at all just perfectly clean diapers that stay looking nice and almost new
— Caelin

What makes unicorn great?

Unicorn cleans efficiently in all water temperatures (including cold) & hard water. Save electricity by washing your laundry on warm instead of hot.

Unicorn is gentle and free from nuts, allergens, dyes, phosphates, fillers, and irritants

Unicorn is earth friendly, bio-degradable, and septic-safe. And of course, Unicorn has never, and will never, be tested on animals. We're proudly made in the USA


Unicorn Beyond Soft: Nonionic Surfactant, Cationic Surfactant - Quaternary, Glacial Acetic Acid Solution, Essential Oil & Filtered Water.

Beyond Fibre Wash: Nonionic and Anionic Surfactants, Propylene Glycol or Ethanol, Sodium Bicarbonate & Sodium Carbonate, Lavender Essential Oil & Filtered Water.

Beyond Clean: Nonionic and Anionic Surfactants, Propylene Glycol or Ethanol, Copolymer, Lavender Essential Oil & Filtered Water.


I am a number cruncher. I have always used tide, I have never purchased “baby safe” detergent and I was really reluctant to add in another product. However, I love this stuff! I used to have to strip (1 packet of RLR for every 10 diapers, every 3 weeks). At that time I had roughly 100 diapers in active rotation, so by simple math, I was spending $29/month in RLR, plus the actually cost of tide, which was 2 scoops per load (one in the rinse and one in the wash) which is about $.80 in detergent. The Beyond Clean and hard water, we are good with using 1 oz per wash with Hard Water and an HE machine, so we get 20 loads out of a bottle, which breaks down to about $.94 a load. So while it may cost me $.14 more a load, I don’t have to spend a weekend stripping diapers.
— Kaci


Cloth Diaper & Woolies

Cloth diaper washing can cause a lot of headache, especially when products can harm your beloved, and probably expensive, stash. Unicorns are lifelong supporters of fluff bums everywhere, our products are not only safe on your cloth, they're restorative

Prepping woolies is a snap with Fibre Wash. Ammonia and Yeast is forever vanquished without bleach stripping, Beyond Clean can outdo a typical strip any day! From flats to AIO's, Unicorn cleans. No more stress and tears.

We're please to offer the only cloth diaper safe softener on the market too! No funky repelling residue, only softening, repairing, protecting goodness!

I’m very impressed with the new Unicorn Beyond products and I will vouch for them. My family has extremely sensitive skin. Eczema as well as allergies to soaps, petroleum, oils, fragrances, all the butters and lotions and creams and chemicals make it very difficult to find things we can use on our skin without extra rinses or wearing gloves. This stuff is totally okay, it’s the first time I’ve washed without gloves - with no skin burns or hives...I’M TOTALLY IN LOVE!
— Shara Jean, NY