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Our Deepest Clean. 

Our deepest clean can be found in Power Scour (Classic Scent) & Beyond Clean (Fragrance Free). This concentrated wash is a wish come true against greasy, filthy, grime on fiber and stains on fabric.

Our Daily Wash.

Our everyday detergent - Fibre Wash (Classic Scent) & Beyond Fibre Wash (Fragrance Free) - is just right for your daily cleaning of all fabric in the laundry pile and luxury fibers.

Our Softest Rinse.

Our conditioning Fibre Rinse (Classic Scent) & Beyond Soft (Fragrance Free) will soften all fibers, including itchy wool, to reduce the "itch" factor and protect your fabrics and fibers.

For a Clean Happily Ever After.

Unicorn removes grease, lanolin, odors & stains better than everyone else. Read our Reviews for what people are saying about our magical soap.

Unicorn cleans efficiently in all water temperatures (including cold) & hard water. Save electricity by washing your laundry on warm instead of hot.

Unicorn is gentle and free from nuts, allergens, dyes, phosphates, fillers, and irritants. A clean happily ever after soap for the entire family.

Unicorn is earth friendly, bio-degradable, and septic-safe. And of course, Unicorn is not tested on animals and is made in the USA.