How to Wash Wool Soakers, Longies or Shorties

My son played in his woolies in the backyard with his diggers and pile of dirt. And then wrestled with a friend in the dirt. The result was a really messy pair of shorts! I did a quick soak in beyond clean, since I didn’t have the suggested 15 minutes before I had to do bedtime. This is the result!
— Courtney
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  1. Fill your wash basin with 5 cups warm water from your tap. (Larger items will require more water.)

  2. Add 1 TSP of Beyond Fibre Wash (if removing stains or lanolin use hot water and Beyond Clean)   with your wool or knit item. (Once again for larger items add a bit more detergent.)

  3. Submerge your wool or knit until you see no more bubbles coming up and  is fully saturated.

  4. Soak for 15 minutes; but during the soaking, gently squeeze item and re-submerge to make sure water solution has penetrated throughout all the fibers.  Do not rub or agitate.  

  5. If stained or heavy soiled, or if your wash water is really dirty,  repeat steps 1-5.

  6. Gently squeeze water out of your wool or knits and discard.

  7. Refill the wash basin with clean warm or hot water. (Please be consistent with the water temperature, as to not shock your wool)  That is how felting happens.

  8. At this time you can add ½ tsp of Beyond Soft, to non-lanolized items.

  9. Submerge, and gently squeeze wool while under water a few times.

  10. Gently squeeze water out of your wool or knits again.

  11. If lanolizing, you can start that process now, if not then go to next step.

  12. Lay wool flat on a towel and roll up the towel with wool in it.  Push on the rolled up towel to get excess water out.

  13. Open the towel and lay the wool flat to dry or on a mesh drying table or rack.