Help Unicorn! My Diapers Stink!

Step Two!

Unicorn Beyond Clean. I mean come on, would I recommend anything but the best?! Unicorn Beyond Clean (or Power Scour) really does the best job on cloth diapers. It's gentle and powerful enough to work without having to figure out some voo-doo dance of wash cycle setting magic.

Use the full 1 oz per load (pictured above!) because this is poo we're talking about. Usually the eyeball method is fine, but you'll need to hit it on the dot with diapers. Too much and it'll never wash out, leaving your diapers coated and gross. Too little and well... they'll just be gross!

Bonus: If you have hard water, use a little extra Power Scour in place of an expensive softener like RLR.

Bonus: You can tooottally use Beyond Soft to keep your diapers soft and conditioned without repealing! But we'll talk about that later ;)



Step one!

Pre-rinse makes a world of difference!

You can do this in a number of ways.

Some people like to rinse right off the bum.

Some people like to use a wet bucket (I personally don't recommend that...)

Some people like to do a rinse cycle in their machine.

Some people, such as yours truly, do an old fashion boil.

The boil method should ONLY be applied to NON-PUL items. Boiling will melt your PUL in EVERY case. Otherwise, it's a great low water, quick rinse method in my opinion. 

Another benefit to the boiling method is it counts as a gentle strip, though with Unicorn you really don't need to do a hard strip with something like bleach.


Step Three!


Agitation is your friend!

If you have an HE machine you'll need to be sure that your drum is 2/3rds to 3/4th full

If you have a top loader, make sure that the diapers are begin pulled in and down by the agitator during the wash.