Featured Unicorn: Clemes & Clemes


Tell us about what makes your shop unique!

We are a father and son duo making innovative, generational fiber art equipment in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1970. We offer a full range of fiber prep, spinning, and weaving equipment that is simple, highly functional, durable, and elegant.

Tell us about what makes you unique!

We both got started in wood working very young – Henry bought his first wood lathe at the age of 9; Roy grew up in our family’s woodshop and started by sweeping floors when he was 5. We both love to combine our passion for woodworking and the fiber arts to create functional works of art.

Do you have any secret Unicorn Clean tips or tricks?!
A little bit of Power Scour in a cool overnight soak before washing a fleece makes all the difference!

What your favourite Unicorn Clean product and why?
Fiber Rinse because of the way it brings hand back to the fiber after using Power Scour.

Where can we find you?
Our brand new website can be found at clemes.com. Our show schedule can be found at https://clemes.com/show-schedule for anyone who would like to meet us on the road and grab some Power Scour or Fiber Rinse in person. We are @clemesandclemes on Instagram and the Twitter and can be found at facebook.com/clemesandclemes.