Featured Unicorn: The Spinning Loft


Tell us about what makes your shop unique!
The Spinning Loft is all about raw fleece; Breed specific raw fleece.  We carry heritage breeds, and we carry all the breeds available in the United States (maybe not all at the same time, it depends on what I can get from shepherds).  We also try to get in unusual breeds from abroad as often as possible.   We do all the legwork for finding the quality fleeces in every breed and then we make them available in minimum 4 oz batches for hand spinners.  Lots of spinners find a whole fleece intimidating, unnecessary or even impossible, so this allows them to explore and enjoy raw fleece as well.  If we cannot get a breed raw, we will stock it as processed fiber, also assuming we can get it.

We also stock all the tools and fluids for spinners to turn that wool into a finished object - fleece scour, especially Unicorn Clean products (they're my favorite!), fiber wash and rinse, spindles and spinning wheels and their accessories, looms and their accessories, books about spinning, knitting and weaving, even knitting needles and crochet hooks!   

Tell us about what makes you unique!
I like to say that I have a penchant for alliteration, I'm the proud servant of two shih tzu overlords, and I can't dance anything after the 18th century, but the truth is I'm colorful, trimmed in silver and velvet, passionate, and I love wool and the sheep that grow it!      

Do you have any secret Unicorn Clean tips or tricks?!
I use it all over my house!  I've used fiber wash and rinse for my hair (my natural color is blue!) while traveling.  I use power scour to clean my good wool Kilim rugs and in my carpet steamer to clean up accidents my dogs may have left, I use it in my washing machine if it's been a particularly greasy task.  I even use Beyond Clean to wash my dogs, which worked wonders on my (now deceased) shih tzu Crackers who had acute seborrheic dermatitis that caused terrible sores on his shoulders and between his toes.  I even wrote about it on a blog post! http://www.thespinningloft.com/whats-good-for-the-sheep/  

What your favourite Unicorn Clean product and why?
Power Scour, or Beyond Clean, in equal measure.  I can use it all over the place, it's great for my gardens (my hydrangeas LOVE scour water!), and the smell is light.  More importantly, it's cost effective and good at its intended purpose.  I would not be without it.  

Where can we find you?
www.thespinningloft.com  - and our event listing.  But if you need me, email is best because I work all day and can't call back until after dinner or weekends (usually) and no one wants a call at 8:30pm ET when they're trying to be with their families! 

All the social media is as follows:
website is http://www.thespinningloft.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spinningloft/
Ravelry:  https://www.ravelry.com/groups/the-spinning-loft 
Instagram: @thespinningloft
Twitter: @thespinningloft